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Allergies in horses can be responsible for several respiratory symptoms including COPD, cough, heaves, exercise intolerance and roaring and dermatological symptoms such as hives, atopic dermatitis and head shaking.

Intradermal skin tests performed on horses can be difficult to interpret due to the pigmentation and sensitive nature of equine skin.  Skin testing typically involves sedation, shaving of the test area and a withdrawal period from antihistamines and steroids.  Additionally, specialists who perform skin testing are not always available or conveniently located. 

Pet Allergy Laboratory’s ELISA serum allergy test has proven to be a convenient alternative to intradermal skin testing.  ELISA testing at Pet Allergy Laboratory requires only a simple blood sample that may be taken by any practitioner without the inconvenience of a drug withdrawal period.

PAL utilizes a monoclonal antibody specific for Equine IgE which is licensed through North Carolina State University.  This monoclonal antibody technology provides a level of sensitivity and specificity which is unmatched by any other test system.  Equine allergy panels at Pet Allergy Laboratory include more than 80 individually tested grasses, weeds, trees, molds, foods, insects and more. 

Chronic upper airway inflammation and scarring (cicatrix) has recently been linked to allergic reaction to Pythium insidiosum a common fungal-like infection of various plants including grass.  PAL has an exclusive arrangement with Pan American Veterinary Laboratories to provide testing for Pythium allergy in horses.  Samples submitted to PAL can, upon the submitting veterinarians request be forwarded to PAVL for Pythium testing.





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"It has made a tremendous difference in Lucky's life.  Without it he would be head shaking and miserable.  Instead he's our happy, beautiful boy again."

 There just aren't words to express how grateful we are."  

- Glenna K., Gahanna, OH





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  " Thank you so much for all your assistance.  You've been wonderful to work with and I'm so appreciative of the allergy serum." 

 - Glenna K., Gahanna, OH

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